At Texas Oak, we recommend washing smart. We do our best to produce a product that minimises the damage to the environment, so we recommend using a plant based or organic detergent. 

We recommend that every item is washed and dried prior to first use. Each item is different, but don’t worry, there is a care label on every item telling you how to care for each item.  

Please read the care labels prior to washing and drying an item.

Sometimes textiles can be damaged and to ensure longevity of your product, here is a few tips and things to avoid:

  • wash by hand when possible
  • wash items with similar or like for like colours to avoid colour bleeds
  • rough handling, twisting and rubbing
  • washing at an incorrect temperature
  • using bleach on an article that should not be bleached
  • drying close to direct heart sources
  • drying an item in a tumble dryer when it’s not appropriate for the fabric
  • dry cleaning items that shouldn’t be dry cleaners
  • using the incorrect solvent when dry cleaning
  • ironing items at too high a temperature
  • steam pressing an items when it should not be steam pressed
  • spot cleaning of sponge cleaning with inappropriate fluids
  • spot cleaning of sponge cleaning with too much fluid
  • regular maintenance is encouraged throughout the life of the item