You've found our ethics page, great! We are happy to see you here too, because that means you care just like us. 

At Texas Oak, we are striving to contribute to a change to improve the textile industry and to improve our ethical and environmental processes. We believe that products can be made well and they don't have to cost a life, a persons health, or the environment. 

We proudly work with suppliers and manufacturers that are SEDEX and WRAP accredited. It is extremely important to us that our friends who create these beautiful Texas Oak items are being cared for and working in satisfactory conditions. 

At Texas Oak, we only work with organic fabrication. Organic cotton means that crops aren't sprayed with nasty chemicals like insecticides and pesticides. These chemicals are extremely toxic to the earth and to the people that work with these chemicals. 

We are working towards bettering our company and our carbon footprint. Here's just a few points that are on the top of our list: 

- We aim to improve our freight process. We currently transport our goodies by air freight but studies show that freight by sea releases less emissions into the environment. 

- We aim to improve our packaging. Each item is individually wrapped by our manufacturers and it's currently recyclable.

- We aim to create as many products as we can that are completely organic, meaning fabrication and dyes. Both have come such a long way and there are such beautiful options to provide for you.